GrittGene Therapeutics

“Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”

Christopher Markus

Our Mission

It is simple, the cure is the goal, we don’t just cover symptoms.
At GrittGene Therapeutics, our Mission is to cure patients with Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2. In our hands, alleviation of disease symptoms is just an observable effect of the cure. We develop the cure of tomorrow by combining all the tools available today. With our disease-centric approach, with the cure being the main driving force, GrittGene’s interdisciplinary platform is free from the constraints of big pharma. The collaborative environment at GrittGene combines the power of expert scientists from various branches of the pharmaceutical industry. We employ cutting-edge technologies including CRISPR and Artificial Intelligence to achieve unprecedented tissue-specific delivery of small-molecule treatment and gene-specific editing. We are not limited by internal technology; we are free to develop treatment the right way through collaboration and a combination of the complete pool of technologies and wealth of knowledge at our disposal today.
With the freedom to use a wide range of expertise and experiences through collaboration with the private sector, clinicians and academia we are armed with the technologies to be used to achieve a singular goal, CURE.

Our Goal

Is to provide a collaborative platform where the accumulated Knowledge, Experience, Relationships, Networks & Partnerships will come together to accomplish our mission.

Our Priority

DM patients are our priority, without compromise.

Our Strength

We are not money driven. We don't compete with others who seek a solution for DM. We partner with all who shares our passion to accelerate the development of the cure.